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Our story

They say that the best ideas come from the places you'd least expect. Well, we at HotSugarPop can definitely relate to that saying!  So here's how it all began...

Our oldest son, Tye, has dealt with food allergies his entire life. In 2012 when he was about 8 years old, we noticed that he was a bit bothered by not being able to enjoy all the delicious treats that his friends and family enjoyed. This tugged at our hearts a bit and so we began to explore ideas and different alternatives for him to try. 

In 2013, Tye began to eat popcorn quite religiously. Whenever we'd go to the grocery stores he'd always ask for microwaved popcorn so that he could enjoy the snack whenever, wherever he wanted.  Finally, a snack he loves!  Everything was great, until we realized how much our son was really eating.  Popcorn is a great snack, but due to the ingredients and the idea of him continuously eating a microwavable bag of Orville Redenbacher, we knew we had to do something.  This is where the fun began!

HotSugarPop Gourmet Specialty Popcorn Owners Photo HSP Ownership

We purchased some kernels, corn oil, sea salt and began to experiment.  Our first couple of weeks were pure trial and error. How hard could it be to put some kernels in a pot and add heat? We were shocked when we realized how much of a science it took to perfect homemade kettle popcorn. But after many attempts and taste testing, we succeeded! Our entire family of 5 absolutely fell in love with the popcorn. We tried different kernels, oils, pots, etc. Our kitchen literally became popcorn heaven. After awhile, we got the idea to add sugar to see if we could pull off kettle corn.  Similar to the beginning of our popcorn journey, we perfected our kettle corn recipe! Over time our friends, co-workers and extended family began to enjoy our popcorn. Requests for Popcorn and Kettle Corn began to flood in and before we knew it our business was birthed... HotSugarPop!

There you have it.  HotSugarPop is more than a business to us. 

At it's very core, it was founded upon an idea and solution to better serve someone with almost every food allergy known to man, our son. Tye has inspired us to persevere with him to find a snack that almost anyone can enjoy. Our mission is to serve those similar to our son, but also everyone who is seeking another alternatives to snack food! Whether you'd like to prepare a community event, farmer's market, party, or simply just to enjoy Gourmet Kettle Corn, give us a try!  We look forward to earning your business!

~HotSugarPop Family





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